• Generic Training Programs

    Don’t feel the need for a Coach Supported Personalised Program but would still like some structure?

Generic Training Programs

Generic Programs for Sprint, Olympic, 70.3 and Ironman

Des has put together generic programs based on proven results from coached athletes and these programs are available for purchase HERE.

There are 2 variations: ‘Beginner/Intermediate’ and also ‘Intermediate/Advanced’ for each race distance.

The training volume within both levels of program are very achievable for full time workers and those with family and other commitments.

Programs are laid out in a simple to follow day by day format using an easy to understand ‘perceived exertion’ method of intensity description but can just as easily be converted to Heart Rate by the athlete should they wish to do so.

BEGINNER TO INTERMEDIATE Programs are designed with an easier progression and slightly less intensity. These programs can be commenced with a lower fitness level.

INTERMEDIATE TO ADVANCED programs are designed with a faster progressive overload and higher level of intensity. These programs require a higher level of fitness prior to commencement.

You have made a big investment in your bike and equipment, why not make a small investment in yourself

Programs from under $1.00 a day.

Sprint Distance

SD-BI-10 $29
Sprint Distance – Beginner/Intermediate (10 Weeks)

SD-IA-8 $33
Sprint Distance – Intermediate/Advanced (8 Weeks)

Standard / Olympic Distance

ST-OD-BI-12 $33
Standard / Olympic Distance – Beginner/Intermediate (12 Weeks)

ST-OD-IA-10 $43
Standard / Olympic Distance – Intermediate/Advanced (10 Weeks)

Ironman 70.3

70.3-BI-16 $49
Ironman 70.3 – Beginner/Intermediate (16 Weeks)

70.3-IA-12 $59
Ironman 70.3 – Intermediate/Advanced (12 Weeks)

Ironman (Coming Soon)

IM-BI-22 $79
Ironman – Beginner/Intermediate (22 Weeks)

IM-IA-18 $99
Ironman – Intermediate/Advanced (18 Weeks)

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